STEP 1: Make-up remover

Remove your eyes and lips with a
makeup .
STEP 2: Double facial cleansing


Apply a cleaning oil to remove any makeup residue and / or
impurities, gives gentle massages to your face and then rinses. Wash again
your face with a water-based facial cleanser that you usually have
creamy or foamy texture.


STEP 3: Exfoliating
Exfoliating once or twice a week will help soften
impurities and eliminate dead skin Result = A skin
lit and clean! …

DO NOT FORGET! They remove any leftover residue from the cleaner,
repair the skin barrier by normalizing the pH of the skin and thus
absorb the rest of the products.
STEP 5: Essence
It is the core of the Korean routine, it is considered the most important is
a category created in Korea, are a concentrate of the product that
regenerates and nourishes.
STEP 6: Ampoules, stimulants or serum.
They have much higher concentration of the product or key ingredient
that essences, tend to be denser and attack more problems
such as attenuating males, smoothing lines of expression, etc.
STEP 7: Facial Mask

Use a one-time mask of hydrogel or leaf, which holds the product on your skin for
at least twice a week.
STEP 8: Eye contour cream.

Apply with the ring finger or pinky to taps around the area of ​​the eyes a moisturizer
special for this area. .
STEP 9: Hydrant.

Apply a lotion, emulsion or cream on your face
and a moisturizer on your lips ..

STEP 10: Sunscreen

NEVER forget the sunscreen so be on

More detail of each step in other post …

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