Subscription Coreavi Box

What is the Coreavi Box subscription?

It is a subscription every two months where you will be sent to the address that you decide a box specially designed for you with Korean products highlighted according to the form that you have completed at the time of making the purchase. 

We want you to know and try Korean cosmetic products so that when you choose your routine and you know more of this world!

We charge a fee when you subscribe because our boxes are partially customized which entails additional work, this one payment will not be charged for this again.

Why Coreavi Box?

  • We offer you 3 types of subscriptions of different boxes: Beautybox, Mask Box, 10 steps Box.
  • Because not all skins are the same, we offer a personalized service for you with at least one or two products according to your tone or skin type.
  • Because we give you the option to suggest some product that you want in your subscription.
  • Because we offer a high quality service.
  • We offer free shipping to USA and international shipments at a fair price.
  • If you want more detail check our FAQ section

On October 23rd the pre-sale will be finalized, the Coeavi Boxes will be sent for the week of November 13 approximately.