No one is a secret that Koreans in general have a skin that causes envy, fresh and radiant, we know that in part influences genetics a lot but we also know that in their lifestyle dedicates a lot of attention and time to care of their skin.


Here I leave you some of the secrets that some recognized actresses of the Korean dramas have given:

-Obviously follow the Korean routine already explained briefly in another post. With much emphasis on double cleaning and sunscreen.

-Many women who wash their face do not dry it but let their skin absorb water for greater hydration.

-Know your skin type so that you can identify the products that you really need since some of them work for others.

-Regularly use mask or night cream known as “sleeping pack”.

-They pay more attention to skin care than to makeup itself. With a good skin less makeup will be needed!

-They have the motto that the natural is always better, so most of its products include natural ingredients.

-Many do not usually use notifying powders except for oily skins and only in the T zone.

-They do not marry a single brand, their routines almost always include products of different brands.

-Most importantly a diet rich in antioxidants!

-Usually mix the creams with some drops of serum or ampoules to boost them.

-Spray your face with moisturizing mist during the day.

-The products should be applied in order starting with those of lower density to reach the higher density.

-I would add Exercise and drink lots of water !!!

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